We exist to share Jesus.

It’s that simple.


Our Vision


To be a vibrant, growing, passionate, disciple-making community that demographically reflects the cultural, generational, and economic diversity of Albuquerque. We long to see unchurched people baptized and to see churches planted in the most under-reached areas of our city.



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Worship & Liturgy

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Who are we?



We believe the good news of who Jesus is and what He's done not only brings us into fellowship with God and secures our eternal destiny, but it also empowers our transformation in the present. It is the Gospel that heals our hurts, breaks our addictions, reconciles our relationships and fosters mercy, justice and love towards outsiders--not guilt, anger or fear. In every interaction we want people to feel freed, empowered, and compelled by the goodness of Jesus to then follow him in every area of life.


Our core, uncompromising commitments as a church are historic Christian doctrine, the sorts of things that the Church has more or less always held throughout its 2000 year history. When it comes to peripheral (but not unimportant) issues such as eschatology, baptism and communion we are comfortable with disagreement, and we are eager to partner with gospel-centered churches and leaders throughout our city that may come from different denominational backgrounds. We strive to be kingdom-minded rather than church-minded.



Our identity as reconciled children of God through Christ frees us to be honest. Whether gathering for corporate worship or in Gospel Communities, we can bring our joys and pains, our faith and doubt, our strengths and weaknesses. We have the courage to share our lives with one another, as messy and complicated and unflattering as they may be, because we know that God is working His redemption and healing in us.


We exist for those who aren’t yet a part of us. We are committed to making space in our worship services, our homes, and our lives for people who don’t yet believe. We have an eye especially for those on the margins, who are most often overlooked. And when we invite people into the spaces we inhabit, we long for them to be transformed from strangers to friends, and to hear and experience the goodness and power of Jesus.

Core Commitments

  1. Gospel-Centered Worship: Drawing on the rich traditions of Christianity, we are dedicated to creating an environment where our neighbors can bring their honest selves before God, be transformed by the Gospel, and be sent by God to live for His glory and the good of our city. We are regularly asking whether the Gospel is being heard, seen, and felt in a way that is accessible and comprehensible to the different cultures we’re trying to reach.

  2. Life-in-Community: Life with Jesus isn’t meant to be lived alone. God has created us to be family together. We need people who know us deeply, can ask us the hard questions, and can remind us of the goodness of Jesus when we are prone to forget.

  3. Outward Engagement: In a post-Christian society, we can’t just throw open our doors and expect the masses to flood in to meet Jesus. We must be present in our city, engaging our neighbors where they eat, work and play. We will inspire, resource, and celebrate Spirit-led, innovative initiatives to bring the presence of Jesus into every sector, subculture, and neighborhood. As this happens, we hope to see churches planted in the more under-reached parts of Albuquerque so every person has easy access to a thriving church.

  4. Diverse Leadership: If we want to reach our culturally, racially, and generationally diverse neighbors, it’s critical for our leadership to be diverse in those ways as well. We will strive towards diversity in leadership at all levels, from the church board to the staff to volunteer leaders.

Core Practices

  1. Pray with eyes wide open. We will be a people who pray, but not just with our eyes up to heaven, but with our “eyes wide open.” We want to pray missionally, continuing to ask God to be at work in us and around us. We will never stop praying for our neighbors, that they might come to find life in Jesus. We will never stop praying for our city, that it would experience healing from its violence, addictions, and poverty. We will live dependent on God, trusting in His power and energy and wisdom and strength.

  2. Listen and respond to the Spirit. Saturating ourselves in the Bible, we will become better attuned to the voice of God whenever and wherever He speaks to us. We will create space and time to listen to God’s voice and then we will respond in faithful obedience in whatever He is calling us.

  3. Share Jesus. We will unapologetically and courageously and joyfully share Jesus in our words and our actions, and we will share Jesus out of the new life that we have experienced ourselves, not out of fear, guilt, or legalism. We will do this dependent on the direction and guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

Core Beliefs

We associate with the Evangelical Free Church of America, adhering to their Statement of Faith. To read that Statement of Faith, visit efca.org.