Lights & Video Operator


We are looking for 1-2 new Lights & Video Operators to add to our A/V Team. Training provided.

About this Position:

Our Mission

To Share Jesus (1) by putting his beauty, power, and goodness on display in worship and (2) by generously serving one another. We will lead worship services that are:

      • Gospel-Centered

      • Multi-Sensory & Participatory

      • Accessible & Comprehensible

      • Evangelical, Charismatic, & Liturgical

Position Expectations

  1. Operate lighting board & house lights according to the vision and programming set by the Worship Director.

  2. Create and Operate ProPresenter slides (music, liturgy, announcements, etc.) during services.

  3. Ensure that scrolling announcement slides are accurate and displayed on projector screens and lobby TV screens before & after services.

  4. Turn on & operate live video stream in the lobby for services.

  5. Respond on & use Planning Center

  6. Show up on time or early.

  7. Give and Receive constructive feedback.

  8. Encouraged but not required: Join a Gospel Community.

  9. Encouraged but not required: Be(come) a member of the church.

  10. Encouraged but not required: Enroll in additional activities that develop your skills (conferences, lessons, books, videos, etc.).

Time Commitment

When scheduled, this position requires about 4 hours per week. Team members are scheduled 1-2 times per month.

Typical Schedule

When scheduled, this position requires attendance & participation in the following:

  • Sundays

    • 8:30am - Set up, prepare slides, sound check

    • 9:25am - Service talk through with all team members

    • 10:00am - Service

    • 11:30am - Tear down / Shut down